Venezualan Express – Shiretown

American Porter, 5.5%

Un porter assez puissant, avec des notes de fumée et poivrons. Flaveurs dominantes de café, chocolat, mélasse et fruits sauvages noirs. Le thème est intéressant à essayer, mais elle manque de raffinement. Le corps est un peu terne et la finition trop corsée, qui plaira seulement pour certains courageux.


Opaque very dark brown, almost black color. Creamy and bubbly brown 3 finger head, lasting around 10 minutes, with faint legs. Flavors of coffee, chocolate, toffee, tobacco, dark grains, walnuts, prunes, dark berries, salmon, herbal spices. Roasted, molassy, and bready malts, with bitter earthy spices. Milky medium body with moderate crispy carbonation. Strong and long strength finish, slightly dry and leathery, earthy roasted beech malts with bacon/salmon flavors, leafy and grassy hops, liquorice, light hot peppery tongue feel. Lacks balance in the flavors, it’s a bit off. A little bland and watery. The finish has almost all the flavors. Highly acidic, light sour diacetyl. I hope this is the effect of actual hot pepper. The yeasty part is even more intense. Very bold for a porter, but hey it’s a south American interpretation. Not too bad but still, overall, this is a below average quality craft.

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