Pénombre – Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!

IPA Noire Forte, 6.5%


Strong Black IPA, 6.5%: Almost opaque dark brown with a ruby shade, a yeasty coat, and slightly active. Thick creamy and frothy brown 3-4 finger head, lasting around 15-20 minutes, with a bit of legs, good lacing and swirl effect. Flavors of pine, coffee, dark chocolate, plums, cherries, orange peels, black liquorice, wild yeast, wet barley and dry leafy hops. Milky medium body with soft crispy carbonation. Extra strong finish, deeply herbal and coarse, dense tongue coat of thick grass and earth mixed with straw and dark malts. Chalky while sharp. Soft barrel aged feel of whiskey. Nice smooth and tender body. Lack balance and accessibility, overwhelming finish. Although for those looking for very bold IPAs will be well served. The quality is really high, but I’m a little disappointed. While the flavors are quite tasty, the finish really kills my throat.

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