Tribale Pale Ale – MABRASSERIE

Une pale ale de 5.5% qui se fait passer pour une IPA, beaucoup trop houblonné. Appréciable mais puissante pour une « pale ale ».


« American Pale Ale » (more IPA), 5.5%: Murky and cloudy golden color with faint activity and lots of floating detritus. Slightly creamy and frothy light beige 3 finger head, lasting around 10-15 minutes, producing some good legs and lace. Flavors of pineapples, lemon, light orange peels and grapefruits, light butter and caramel, sweet grains, barley, piney and grassy dry hops. Slick and smooth full body with moderate prickly and crispy carbonation. Medium strength finish, bready and sugary, tropical fruits, leafy and grassy on the tongue, with some sharp zesty yeast. Feels like a pale ale that wants to be an IPA, like half the strength of a Tribale IPA (guys you should present this as your single IPA). Low maillard profile, mostly hops, so it lacks balance in the flavors. Still tasty and enjoyable, a robust pale ale but not excessive. Good freshness, although quite bitter, the accessibility suffers a little. Overall good quality craft, name it an IPA and it’s very good.

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