Full Time IPA – Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

IPA Américaine, 6.7%


American IPA, 6.7%: Hazy dark straw/golden color with moderate activity and a mist of yeast. Creamy light beige 3 finger head, lasting around 20 minutes, with poor legs, but a nice swirl effect and decent lace. Flavors of pineapples, lemon, grapefruits, pine, orange peels, caramel, sweet grains and herbal hops. Thick oily, almost milky medium to full body with a moderate crisp. Strong strength finish, tongue coating leafy tar of spruce, less tropical but still zesty, and lightly buttery. Quite coarse for a single, not accessible, only for the experienced mouths. So it lacks a little freshness, but I can see where it’s trying to go with the powerful West coast interpretation. The balance is alright in the flavors, the finish doesn’t overly kill them. Overall very good quality craft.

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