Lune De Miel – Unibroue

Pale Ale Belge Forte, 8%


Strong Belgian Pale Ale, 8%, aged around 6 months : Hazy and veiled golden color with heavy activity. Thick foamy, slightly frothy, lightly beige 3-4 finger head in the tulip, lasting around 15-20 minutes, with light legs but nice lacing, a decent swirl effect. Flavors of caramel, honey, lemon, green grapes, Belgian yeast, sweet grains, coriander, floral spices. Slick and smooth full body with almost champagne like carbonation. Light to medium strength finish, slightly wheathy and flowery, lightly meady having a rich honey feel, while zesty and sharp. Similar to a Don de Dieu, but less spicy and bit more complex. The flavors are incredibly well balanced, and the intensity highly accessible. One of the most treacherous low alcohol feel I’ve ever experienced, uplifting buzz included. It’s a crime to call this an amber ale (it’s on the bottle), this is clearly a strong pale ale with probably a bit more hops. Please make this a regular brew cause I can’t get enough of this. Delicate, filling, delicious, overall superb quality craft.

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