No Tahoma – Brasserie Dunham

Pale Ale Sauvage (Saison), 5.9%


Farmhouse Pale Ale (Saison), 5.9%: Hazy straw color with storming activity. Gets cloudy with the yeast poured. Extra foamy and frothy light beige 3-4 finger head in a teku, lasting around 20 minutes, with powerful legs. Flavors of caramel, lemon, grapefruits, green grapes, hay, cheese, brett yeast, sweet grains and floral hops. Slick and smooth medium body with a sharp crisp. Medium strength finish, potent maillard effect, slightly tropical, more flowery and yeasty barnyard feel, with a hint of coriander. Really fresh, zesty, and crispy, while not excessively funky. I can see why they call it a rustic pale ale from the kind of malts and dominant sugars used, but I still find it leaning more towards a Saison having lots of complexity. Highly pleasant, good accessibility, awesome balance. Overall excellent quality craft.

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