Daze On Saison – Saugatuck Brewing Company

Saison, 5.5%


Saison, 5.5%: Clear, slightly hazy, dark straw color with moderate activity. With the yeast it gets cloudy and veiled with floating particles. Thick foamy and frothy white 3-4 finger sparkling head, lasting around 10-15 minutes, with decent legs and swirl effect. Flavors of grapefruits, orange, lemon, green grapes, sweet grains dominant barley, caramel, Wild yeast, and floral hops. Light silky, a little oily, medium body with sharp carbonation. Medium strength finish, gentle vinous feel, light barnyard and cheese sensation, a bit of straw but more fruity and tropical with balanced flowery hops. Faintly spiced, similar to a table Saison or a Sofie but not as complex. It’s gentle and accessible, with good freshness. Though it gets a little thin and dull very fast. Overall very good quality craft.

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