Évangéline & Gabriel – Distillerie Fils du Roy

Black & Tan en Amérique, ou un Half & Half au Royaume-Uni, ?%


A Black & Tan in America, or a Half & Half in the U.K., ?%: Conceptualized from an Acadian Legend of Évangeline and lover Gabriel, originally created for a black and tan. Copper at the bottom, golden at the top. Clear with lots of activity. Both colors holds up very well and were truly crafted to be combined, even a swirl doesn’t mix them up. Slightly creamy beige 1-2 finger head, lasting around 5 minutes, with light legs and not much swirl effect. Flavors of spruce, mint, walnuts, toffee, sweet grains, barley, herbal hops. Slick and slightly creamy medium body with a moderate crisp. Medium strength finish, moderaty leafy and minty, rich in walnuts and cinnamon, with a hint of wood. Quite sugary but still well intensified, and the flavors are well balanced too. The combination really brings up both styles in very well made unison. Makes a nice autumn or winter brew. Évangeline’s boozy nature is gone, while the overly minty feel of Gabriel is attenuated. Would be better with a more dominant yeast profile me think, although you get an American feel to it. Overall very good quality craft.