Orval Trappist Ale – Brasserie d’Orval

Belge d’Abbaye, 6.2%

Une ambré belge de la plus haute qualitée, je la considère l’exemple parfais d’une trappiste d’abbaye Belge authentique. Saveurs de fruits, levures sauvages (fromage) et un fort houblons.


After 2 years in the cellar, I can now say it’s an impeccable beer, the only flaw being the accessibility, but let’s forget about it. Because this beer should not be changed for you to enjoy, you should be the one to change and train yourself enjoy it! Has a veiled amber, super foamy beige head. A good swirl heavily thickens the foam, providing an incredible smell of cheese. Super rich flavors of berries, apples, clove, wild yeast and floral hops. Silky full body with champagne like effect. The finish is strong, slightly vinous and dry, leaves an uplifting sharp funky fruity fresh feel, with a pleasant barrel aged effect. Quite unique in style, like a Saison/Pale Ale/IPA kinda thing. Incredible quality, it’s a masterpiece!