Amiral Gin Ale – Le BockAle

Ale Épicée et Herbacée (champignons), 6.9%


Herbed and Spiced Ale (mushroom feel), 6.9%, bottle Lot 003 : Clear golden color with poor activity. Foamy, slightly creamy, white 2 finger head, lasting around 5-10 minutes, not much legs nor swirl effect. Strong dominant sweet clove and nutmeg smell, quite unique and interesting. Flavors of flowers, nutmeg, lemon, coriander, dark berries, clove, sweet grains, and herbs. Slick and almost creamy full body with prickly carbonation. Medium strength finish, sugary cinnamon and grainy, sour dark fruits and orange, thick herbal, a bit minty with lingering leafy hops. Weird feel of old straw or forest mushrooms, hard to explain but it’s heavily vegetal, not bad at all and having lots of character and complexity! Slightly dry but still quite fresh. Overall high quality craft, it’s experimental and strange at first but I get to enjoy it. Fits well in the categories of amber or brown ale in the feel, without even being that dark.