Éphémère Sureau (Elderberry) – Unibroue

Bière aux fruits, 5.5%, de Chambly, Québec.

Fruit beer, 5.5%, from Chambly, Quebec.
look: 3.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.75 = 3.77/5

Hazy and veiled copper reddish color with moderate activity. Gets murky with the yeast. Foamy pink 3 finger head, lasting around 5 minutes, with light legs and not much swirl effect. Flavors of wild berries, sweet grains, Belgian yeast, and herbal hops. Slick and smooth full body with extra crispy carbonation, almost champagne like. Light to medium strength finish of sour fruits, with notes of wheat grains and a balanced final of floral hops. So this is one of the most sour version of all other Éphémère, probably made from all the sour craze these days. Good freshness and ends pretty clean, highly accessible. Great summer beer. Not my favorite, tending to be less fresh and complex, still a very good fruit beer overall.

Lune De Miel – Unibroue

Pale Ale Belge Forte, 8%, de Chambly, QC.

Strong Belgian Pale Ale, 8%, from Chambly, QC.
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.75 | overall: 4.5 = 4.38/5

Aged around 6 months : Hazy and veiled golden color with heavy activity. Thick foamy, slightly frothy, lightly beige 3-4 finger head in the tulip, lasting around 15-20 minutes, with light legs but nice lacing, a decent swirl effect. Flavors of caramel, honey, lemon, green grapes, Belgian yeast, sweet grains, coriander, floral spices. Slick and smooth full body with almost champagne like carbonation. Light to medium strength finish, slightly wheathy and flowery, lightly meady having a rich honey feel, while zesty and sharp. Similar to a Don de Dieu, but less spicy and bit more complex. The flavors are incredibly well balanced, and the intensity highly accessible. One of the most treacherous low alcohol feel I’ve ever experienced, uplifting buzz included. It’s a crime to call this an amber ale (it’s on the bottle), this is clearly a strong pale ale with probably a bit more hops. Please make this a regular brew cause I can’t get enough of this. Delicate, filling, delicious, overall superb quality craft.

La Terrible – Unibroue

Quadrupel, 10.5%, de Chambly, Québec.

Quadrupel, 10.5%, from Chambly, Québec.
look: 4.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4.5 = 4.26/5

6 month old bottle : Opaque black color. Super foamy and light creamy beige 4-5 finger head in the tulip, lasting around 20 minutes, producing some good legs and a strong lacing. Flavors of prunes, plums, raisins, cherries, wood, maple, black liquorice, toffee, soft cheese, light cocoa and coffee, Belgian yeast, herbal spices. Silky full body with extra crispy carbonation. Very strong finish, long tongue coat but not overly aggressive, sharp bitter leathery and earthy feel, thick malty and fruity sugars, thick barrel aged feel. Got lots of complexity, pretty well balanced, although not very accessible. Kinda vinous and deeply acidic, some appetizer qualities, still quite fresh and tender from the yeast. Superb taste and body, incredibly rich and smooth. Almost feel like a Quad, heavily alcoholic and warming, almost burning! Perfect winter beer, fits well for festive activities. Yet strangely, I wouldn’t drink this one too warm, drink it rather cold, it gets putrid and pukey when at room temp. Overall superb quality craft.

Grande Réserve 17 – Unibroue

Belgian Strong Dark Ale, 10%


Thick veiled copper color, with a pink hue, and powerful carbonation activity. Extra foamy, delicate, beige 3 finger sparkly head, creating a foam island and lasting around 20 minutes, with some strong legs, a swirl easily reconstructs the head. Flavors of plums, prunes, cherries, vanilla, toffee, honey or maple, oak, clove, dark grains and herbal hops. Rich malty feel, delicious super fruity taste. Slick, almost creamy, full body with some extra crispy carbonation. Very strong finish, vinous and dry, bitter herbs with plenty of lingering dark fruits, densely spicy, oak bareel aged feel. Makes a nice appetizer though. Belgian qualities with a robust barleywine feel.

Overall : Exquisite quality; sexy lovely look, super warming, yet decently fresh for the ABV. Nice complexity with an inviting smell. Although it didn’t age well for 2 years in a cellar, it was overly vinous and harsh, with not much developed aged feel. Not the worth to cellar me think, better fresh.